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Spain Football Academy - Spanish Football Academy

Is your child interested in football, dreams of devoting his life to sports and becoming a professional player?

Spain Football Academy - SFA provides a chance for young football players to gain useful skills and become real athletes with a great future. Our organization fruitfully cooperates with the Spanish Football Academies, thanks to which our academies have developed special programs for teaching children in Russia according to European standards.

The main focus of our children's football academy is the physical development of a child, a future football player, which means that if your child is really talented, they will definitely notice him and offer to conclude a professional contract. If, among other things, we can give them the chance to shine at the highest level at a relatively young age, we will increase motivation, self-confidence and team spirit. By giving the players of our football school the opportunity to view the Spanish National League and the Spanish Youth Development Organization. The SFA Football Academy helps talented and gifted guys to start their careers and get the opportunity to play in Spanish clubs.

During training in our football school are held:

1. Versatile special training

2. Tournaments

3. Various master classes

4. Gathering of football players

5. As well as training of trainers.

The priority task and responsibility of our children's football academy is the safety, health and well-being of every child in our care. Any coach at the football academy who conducts training will be familiar with the current child protection regulations and will be able to provide your child qualified with first aid if necessary. Each training session will have a first aid kit and a journal of accident reports and records of all participants.

Among other things, we present to you the Spain Football Academy Franchise , which includes a comprehensive franchise package.