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About us

Does your son feel a passion for football? Does he dream about dedicating his life to sports and becoming a professional player? Spain Football Academy - SFA offers the possibility for young players to obtain useful skills and become a professional football player with a great future. We collaborate with football academies in Spain, that’s why special programs for children´s education have been developed according to European standards.

The main aim of our children's football school is the physical and technical development of the future soccer player, that means that if your child has talent, they will surely notice it and they will offer him to sign a professional contract. In addition in our school, we are going to be able to give the opportunity to shine at the highest level when he is young, we will be able to increase motivation, self-confidence and team spirit. We offer to the players of our school the possibility of being registered in the Spanish National League and the Spanish Organization for Youth Development. The SFA Football School helps talented children to start their career and have a chance to play in Spanish clubs.


During training process in our school we carried out:


1. Multiple specialized training 
2. Tournaments
3. Master classes
4. Football summer camps
5. Training for coaches 


The priority and responsibility of our children's football school is the safety, health and well-being of every child in our care. Each coach in the football school that conducts training, will be informed of the current child protection regulations and may perform first aid if necessary. In each training you will find a first aid kit and accident registration information for all participants. In addition, we present the franchise Spain Football Academy that includes a comprehensive package of services for franchisees.