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Discover how to become a professional football player!

The main objective of the football school Spain Football Academy is the tactical-technical development of the future football player. With the help of an appropriate sports training we can create an athlete of each student. We must always remember that our main aim in SFA is to create professional football players, and that's why we must devote a lot of attention to training. At the SFA children's soccer school we are oriented to the development of the skills of a professional football player from a very early age with isolated training. In our football school we work with balance and develop the thoughts, likewise, we give children a benefit that they would not receive in most of the trainings. It is important that children have qualities such as respect, honesty and work ethic, but we must take into account that the child is under coach's control only a few hours a week, so parents have to be part of the development process. SFA children's football school coaches team guarantees a high level of training.



Children's Spain Football Academy - SFA in Spain is a unique opportunity for your child to get a professional football training course from highly skilled Spanish coaches.

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        Spanish football school


10 years

7 training course

80% practice

35 000 studens


Jose, Director of AD ALCORCON Academy, Madrid


Director of AD ALCORCON Academy, Madrid
German, Representative of FC AD ALCORCON Madrid


Representative of FC AD ALCORCON Madrid
Juan, Coach of SFA Russia (Spain)


Coach of SFA Russia (Spain)
Jose Luis, Coach

Jose Luis

German, Coach


Ignacio, category UEFA PRO, Coach

Ignacio, category UEFA PRO

Hector, category UEFA A, Coach

Hector, category UEFA A

Enrique, category UEFA A, Coach

Enrique, category UEFA A

Alexander, Сoach


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Official partner
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Sporting director
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My aunt Helen and I are really impressed by master-class!!! Everything was very nice and what is more important my son is even more into football now. Thanks a lot to the coaches for their work,ability to bring sporty character and individual attention to every child!!! Best wishes to all of them!!! Thanks a lot Helen for this master-class for our children. We are looking forward to the next master class and especially meeting Diego))))



Thanks a lot. Everything was really cool. We had a great time! My son loved it. When is the next master class?

I heard from friends about summer camp in Spain Football Academy in Russia. My son wanted to go there at the same minute he heard about it. And yes, I will gladly send him to this summer camp, especially knowing how he loves to play football. I read here that coaches taught the team spirit of the game and I liked it. Well, the one more thing I liked is that there will be any different events in addition to workouts.

Good afternoon. My child is 13 years old and he loves football, he is not a professional, but really wants to become a professional player. He likes that kind of football practice so much. Also he liked the approach of Spanish coaches to children. Training sessions are interesting and went for my child’s benefit, the next workout we will be here. Thank you so much for that opportunity. I would like to send my child to your summer camp.

Good afternoon! Our child is 12 years old and he loves football, he is not a professional player, but he likes to be a part of Spain Academy in Russia. He likes workouts as well as he liked the coaches approach to children, the visible professionalism. Training sessions are interesting and it makes our child to progress, and we'll definitely come next time too. A huge thank you for organizing such a great workouts.

I found this organization by a lucky chance in the Internet and wanted  to send there my son so much, because he loves football. I really liked that everything is on the professional and highest level in the Spain Football Academy’s summer camp. I liked this applies to food, which is a dietitian, I liked that training sessions are staged by the best coaches of Spain.

Last summer I sent my child to the Real Madrid summer camp in Bronnitsy. He really liked to be there for two weeks and  spent a good time in the camp. This year I want to sent my child (Kostya) to the camp of Spain Football Academy in Russia, which will its doors in the summer. I am so happy that there is one organizer and the same coach as we had last year. And I remember how Kostya spoke with such a big admiration about the Spanish coach.

I hope that the camp will allow my son to improve more technique in football.

I used to see what kinds of workouts he had in a normal football school, regular classes with the team without any chance to improve, as the coach was just enough of the practice and sought to create a strong team. But as I think, each child needs an individual approach.

I recently heard that Spain Football Academy in Russia  will open  a football camp this summer. My son just crazy about football and dreams to become a famous footballer, and that is why I decided that he have to join this camp, because he has already been in the Real Madrid summer camps, and he liked it very much, and these two camps have the same organizer.
I also liked that in addition to football training, there will be different entertainment stuff. These classes actually cost its money. According to the result.