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A perfect way to develop self-confidence and increase competitiveness in a young footballer or team. Football matches and competitions with players from different regions and countries, is an opportunity to get unforgettable experiences and emotions.


Spain Football Academy - SFA offers the possibility to participate in regional and international tournaments. Football tournaments are not only a chance to develop skills and strengthen the key benefits of youth football, but also experience unforgettable moments with fellow players from different parts of the country and the world.


Benefits of participating in tournaments Spain Football Academy



Football tournaments give participants the chance to make friends among teammates, children from other regions and countries. Such friendships can last a lifetime. The time spent on the trip and in the game itself, favors communication, influencing the group of young players and creating a true relationship, cohesion and sense of self-improvement. In football tournaments players are often transformed into a real team.


Self confidence

Participation in youth football tournaments is a possibility for children to gain security in everything they do. Going out to the soccer field and feeling the atmosphere of a real football event, develops a sense of belonging to football.


Improves communication skills

In order to be successful on the field, the team has to work together, and in this way the social communication skills are developed with the teammates, coach and with the referee during training, play and leisure.


Possibility of being signed

Football tournaments give the possibility to a young soccer player to be seen. It is an opportunity to sign with scouts and the representatives of the clubs.




Tournaments against foreign players and teams.

Different languages, technical skills, details, tactical thinking, all this helps football players and coaches when developing and improving their game skills. These competitions can increase the professionalism of the participants to a higher level.


Discovering of the world

Interaction with participants from other countries inevitably introduces you to cultural and national knowledge of the region or country. In addition, it's a unique opportunity to practice languages and make new friends.


There is no better way to perform in football than to participate in a soccer tournament. Spain Football Academy - SFA gives you the chance to live that unforgettable experience.

Tournament SFA Russia Cup 

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