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Spain Football Academy - SFA organizes summer camps in some cities and offers young football fans the chance to take a football training course with modern European technologies and learn to play at a high level.

The SFA football camps offer great possibilities for young football players. The participants have comfortable conditions for their stay in our football camps and whatever they need in sports inventory.

Football training schedule includes a set of activities focused on the integral development of children. Specific training is for boys and girls.



Girls and boys from 7 to 17 years old can participate in the football training of our camp. Depending on the chosen time of 1 or 2 camp programs, the length of the stay with accommodation program is 14 or 7 days from Sunday to Saturday. The program that does not include accommodation is 5-10 days. During breaks between trainings, children are assisted by professional coaches of Spain as well as specialists who develop their personal qualities such as: leadership, self-control, hard work, etc. Children who have participated in camp programs until the end, will receive souvenir gifts:

1.      SFA Official equipment: shirt, shorts and tights.

2.      Pictures of their stay and participation in the football campus.

3.      Certificate of participation

4.      And many more things.

The sports program on football camp is controlled by the technical team of Spain Football Academy.  

Football training program consists of several blocks, made in such a way that each participant can improve their skills in a dynamic and balanced way. The football training methods are focused on the integral development of physical abilities of the participants of the process. In football camp, during tactical classes, teachers will explain football rules and ways of interacting with teammates, children will learn the main concepts and discover a lot of useful information that they can apply in practice.

Football training at Academia’s summer camps consists of:

- 90 min. of training in the morning.

- 60 min. of training in the afternoon.


All coaches are licensed specialists of the Spanish Football Federation RFEF of the UEFA senior category with a lot of experience in this field are presented. 


Advantages of our football training program:


→ Football training at a high level according to European methodologies.
→ Girls and boys from 7 to 17 years can participate in football camp.
→ Physical training and daily technical-tactical classes
→ Master Class
→ Qualified coach of Spanish Football Federation RFEF with UEFA PRO category.
→ A special developed program of football training includes a set of theoretical and practical training, combining in itself a process of training and formation, and also other development activities.
→ During football training, participants receive individual recommendations and instructions from a Spanish coach.
→ Conditions of the stay are comfortable in a modern and sporty base.
→ Balanced nutrition on football camp is controlled by a dietitian and meets high quality standards.
→ Accompaniment of qualified medical staff.
→ Each participant of the football camp receives an official training package.
→ All football training participants receive SFA certificates  and also photos of the stay in the football camp.
→ Possibility to stays in our camps with or without accommodation.

SFA offers a comprehensive program of football training. Under the supervision of Spanish professionals, the camp participants practice game tricks, positional aspects, ball driving, passes, combined movements, dribbling, shooting and throwing the ball. Furthermore they practice goal clearance and positional objectives in defense, offside position, corner kicks, penalty rules, learn the terms "red and yellow card" and other important terms. Also during the training, children learn exercises for their agility development (pillars of movement etc.), they learn how to make effective feints. 

Values teaching on the football camp are carried out through the formation process, and the result is that children develop qualities such as:

• "Me" values: leadership, self-control and efforts.
• Values "We": companionship, teamwork.
• Values "They": respect for others, tolerance and solidarity.


Receive a unique football experience under the supervision of Spanish professionals in football