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SFA begins cooperation with Levante Union Deportiva

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8 November 2017 at the official stadium of Club Deportivo de Levante - Valencia, an agreement was reached on cooperation with the football club with the aim of exchanging experiences and viewing players. Spain Football Academy – SFA, in Levante Union Deportiva of the 1st division of the Spanish football League, also joint football camps, tournaments, and training of coaches. It gives a chance to our young players to show themselves and to move forward to the heights of football life. It also gives the chance for coaches to prove themselves as specialists at a high-level with the opportunity for further career growth. In 2018 it is planned for closer cooperation with the club of the 1st division of Spanish football League. The task of the children is one thing - to prove themselves. Few schools or academies can provide the opportunity to give young players a chance to play in one of the world’s strongest Championships. About this most can only dream and there is a really good opportunity for your child to be able to play and perform at a very high level of football. Follow news, participate in our programs, develop yourself and your child.




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