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Test Player in football clubs in Spain


Many young football players dream of a successful career in Europe. Spain Football Academy helps them get closer to this dream and organizes tests for them in clubs of 1-2-3 Spanish division, such as




(1 division)


(1 division)


(1 division)


(2 division)


(2 division)


(2 division)







We are cooperating successfully with football academies and agents, with the possibility of placing our best players in football organizations according to the level of each player, presenting them in the best possible way. We are going to sign contracts with those players with whom we decide to continue working.

Residents of any country can participate in the tests because we offer language support and accompaniment for the football player in the academy (Russian, English, Spanish). Previews are possible for citizens of any country. Guidance of SFA, representative and translation services are provided during the whole time.


Ours stories


Konstantin Ogorodnikov preview in the club CE CONSTANCIA


Konstantin Ogorodnikov was successful in test player in Spain! Often football becomes not only a favorite hobby or profession, but also a part of life. This is what happened to Konstantin Ogorodnikov from Krasnoyarsk, who was able to take advantage of his chance and realized his dream – to link his life with football with Spain Football Academy - SFA. In 2017, the SFA sent Kostya to Spain for previews, where he trained with the 3rd division club CE CONSTANCIA. Members of this club highly appreciated abilities of the young a football player, his perseverance and will and helped him develop his playing skills, ability to work in a team and technique. Playing in the Spanish division, Konstantin opened his SFA school in his hometown of Krasnoyarsk and now helps other young football fans move towards their dreams by inspiring them with his example. "I can't give advice, I'm not the best player in the world, but I can only say one thing: if you want to do something in your life, just try to do it, just do it. Expect nothing. Just do. Without fear," says Konstantin. Spain Football Academy - SFA gives young players a chance to try to show themselves in one of the Spanish clubs! You want to try yourself, like Constantine in Spain.


Konstantin Ogorodnikov preview in the club CE CONSTANCIAKonstantin Ogorodnikov preview in the club CE CONSTANCIA


Yagunin signed the contract with FC Alicante


In October 2019, Igor Yagunin, with the assistance of SFA Russia, signed a contract with the second team of FC Alicante (Spain). Now the second team is in first place in the second regional division and has the task of supplying players to the main team. The first team of FC Alicante is fighting to get into the 3rd national division and they have very big chances! And for Igor, it all started this spring, when the first time SFA Russia sent him for a weekly viewing to the club of the 3rd Division FC Jove, but, alas, could not gain a foothold in the team. Six months later, and Igor managed to successfully pass the views in Spain!


Yagunin signed the contract with FC AlicanteYagunin signed the contract with FC Alicante


Denis and FC Jove de San Vicente

Denis in October 2019 was in FC Jove. Test player was successful, and he was taken to División Preferente at his age. Denis's family decided to move to Spain, as they liked everything there.


Denis and FC Jove de San VicenteDenis and FC Jove de San Vicente


Asadbek and Taimuraz in FC Alicante city

A friendly match between FC Alicante city and a team from the London Academy FC Step took place at Arena Alicante stadium, in which our guys Asadbek and Taimuraz took part, which SFA Russia sent to the Spanish club for viewing. In the photo, Asadbek and Taimuraz in the lower row on the left, second one and third one.


Asadbek and Taimuraz in FC Alicante city


Semyon in UD Arenal

Semyon is only 13 years old, but he has already built his career in football. In Russia, he played as a left midfielder, and in March transferred to the team U.D. Arenal (the highest regional division of Spain). His dream came true thanks to the Spain Football Academy!


Semyon in UD ArenalSemyon in UD Arenal


Amal Tsekov in UE Arenal, FC Carolinas и FC Jove

Amal Tsekov was watched by teams such as Arenal, Carolinas and Jove.

Amal's review of try out in Spain:

“All teams in their own way are diverse and interesting in their own way, I liked it. The team of the team as well as the Arenal coach took me in a friendly way and affected my game, I felt more comfortable, it gave me confidence and the subsequent good results. The coach was pleased with me and took me to the club, the same was in other clubs. The level of football in Spain just rolls over, here everyone as seriously as possible approach their work. It seems to me silly to compare Russia with Spain in terms of football, these are 2 different sports, in Russia emphasis on physical components, in Spain on technique for understanding the game, tactics, etc. I really liked Spain, the most favorable conditions for a football player and his further development. The most memorable stay in my first Arenal club is, in my opinion, the strongest and most worthy club among the 3 in which I was. There are real professionals in their field, they are serious about training, just like a coach takes his business seriously. The team was attended by mutual respect and understanding for each other.”


Amal Tsekov in UE Arenal, FC Carolinas и FC JoveAmal Tsekov in UE Arenal, FC Carolinas и FC Jove


Daniel and FC Hercules

Daniel was watched in Hercules FC (2nd division) and in football clubs of the 3rd division, but, unfortunately, could not gain the contract. His level is Segunda Regional possibly Primera Regional. Daniel is impressed by the level of football in Spain and was very pleased with the try out. He is thinking about moving to Spain to study there and continue his professional goalkeeper career there.


Daniel and FC HerculesDaniel and FC Hercules


Danil Tolmachov and test player in CF Villa Olímpica

Danil Tolmachev is a talented and promising student at the Spain Football. Despite the young age of Danila. He has already visited Spain to try out in CF Villa Olímpica in the club of the third division of Spain.


 Danil Tolmachov and test player in CF Villa OlímpicaDanil Tolmachov and test player in CF Villa Olímpica


Mkhitaryan Narek and UNIÓN ADARVE

One of the participants of our summer football camp 2016 Mkhitaryan Narek Onikovich was watching in Spain in the club UNIÓN ADARVE (3rd division of Madrid).


Mkhitaryan Narek and UNIÓN ADARVEMkhitaryan Narek and UNIÓN ADARVE


Garik Minosyan in LEVANTE FC

Garik Minosyan was screened at LEVANTE FC football club on September 10-15 and showed good results, the club is considering his candidacy for permanent training.


Garik Minosyan in LEVANTE FCSertificat Garnik Minasyan




If you are interested in viewing in one of the Spanish clubs for your child, just leave a request via the "Sign up for a consultation" form on our website. Our managers will contact you promptly and take all organizational troubles on themselves.


We organize screenings of football players in Spain, thus opening the way for talented children to the big European football.