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How to spend summer with use

Summer is a time for recreation and entertainment, but we know exactly how to spend it really fun and productive. The Football Academy of Spain in Russia offers all children and teenagers from 5 to 19 years old to take part in the summer football camp Campus Tecnification. Signing up has already been opened and reservations are being made.


Summer football camp SFA 2016 


Summer football camp SFA 2016 


Summer football camp SFA 2016 


Summer football camp SFA 2016 


Summer football camp SFA 2016 


Summer football camp SFA 2016 


Summer football camp SFA 2016 


Where will the classes be held?

Classes will be held near Moscow (39 km), in Bronnitsy on the basis of the Specialized Children and Youth Sports School of the Olympic Reserve named after A. Syroyezhkin.


What is the interest of the summer football camp program?

1. Thanks to a specially developed program, all children will receive a certain amount of knowledge and skills (2 trainings per day).

2. Campus Tecnification program is suitable for both beginners and experienced young players.

3. Practical and theoretical studies are conducted under the guidance of professional Spanish coaches.

4. Participants of the camp receive as a gift personal equipment with the logo SPAIN FOOTBALL ACADEMY - SFA.

5. Each participant of the summer football camp will have the opportunity to go through the screening and get a chance to study at the Football Academy of Spain in Russia on an ongoing basis.


We guarantee:

-Gramatic combination of activities and recreational activities aimed at harmonious development of the child's personality (swimming pool, outdoor games).

-Comfortable accommodation for children.

-The right food, the menu of which was developed by a dietician.

-Personal approach to every child.


Limited number of seats!

Do you want to know more about Campus Tecnification's summer football camp? Call us right now!

Telephones: 8 499 391 66 32 and 8 929 591 66 32.

More information on the page Summer camp.