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Spain Football Academy - football school franchise

We have developed a comprehensive package for any franchisee, maximizing the potential for growth and income generation with the SFA methodology.

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Players are chosen at a very young age (often from 5 years of age), they are under a lot of pressure and are expected to do what is best for the team instead of their own personal development. As a result, many talented players are released from the academies and effectively eliminated at this level when they are 6 or 7 years old.

Therefore, there is the opportunity to bring together players who, for whatever reason, have been overlooked or released by professional academies, who sometimes believe that young people of 9 or 10 years old were given the chance to make a career as a professional footballer, and with opportunities and incentives, they still have the ability and desire to grow professionally.

A group of players work towards a common goal, with training adapted to their specific needs and, in an environment where they are challenged to try to develop new skills. They can work outside of their own comfort zone and are able to make mistakes without fear of being criticized. The players that are trained by us develop a renewed belief and hunger for success. Along with our contacts in professional clubs, together we do really great things.


If we can also give them the opportunity to shine at the highest level from a relatively early age, we will increase motivation, self-confidence and team spirit, offer a window for these players to be seen and enhance our own reputation for producing high quality players. Through SFA we have excellent opportunities for young players in the Spanish National Leagues and with the start-up of the Spanish Youth Development.



Technical aspect of the franchise

Skills-based training in a fun and high intensity environment. If a player has a weakness, he should work on it instead of doing other things. Players must be well trained in their technical ability, both feet, good aerial game, excellent first touch, agility and with many other attributes. Players should not be in one position from an early age, as they all develop in different ways, they must learn to play anywhere on the pitch and, little by little, perfect their skills according to the type of player that is more suitable for them.


Physical aspect of the franchise

With emphasis on specific physical training, we can uncover the athlete within each player. We must recognize that some players will always have lighter constitution than others, but with a correct formation in areas such as core and lateral strength, this should not be an obstacle. In fact, from our point of view, this can be positive since many of these lighter-build players, although skillful, may have been overlooked by the academies. However, by giving proper training and diet, they can still have what they need to have. In football we can identify the players like Pelé, Messi (low height) and Maradona (with little stature, but one of the most unilateral players to be seen). Attention should also be paid to people born later in the school year, with a lighter physique but they may have a slight disadvantage over older players.


Physiological aspect of the franchise

This is the most discouraging subject to be addressed by a coach, and is often overlooked altogether, and dealt with psychologically as this is the easier way to deal with it. However, by simply focusing on psychology, we overlook areas such as neurological system, including balance and muscle coordination. In addition we have to work with young player' mentality, and also focus on how muscles work together. By improving balance and developing fast-twitch muscles we can give players an advantage not given in most workouts.


Social aspect of the franchise

It is important that players have qualities such as respect, honesty and a strong work ethic. However, the coach is only with the player for a few hours a week and parents need to feel part of the development process. In the typical professional academy, parents are put aside and not told much at all, which means that when the player is at home the development can be forgotten. By keeping parents informed and involved with regular meetings with coaches, dieticians, fitness coaches, etc. the player development process becomes a lifestyle instead of just a couple of hours a week with a coach.

Also, of course, and most importantly...




We must always remember that the goal of our program is to produce football players through SFA and, that is why we have to include a strong football training to be taken seriously. In SFA we have focused on footbal skills training from an early age in separate and joint training sessions




We have to provide a rotating, personalized training, and not a single regimen. Training should be intense but fun and varied, with coaches specialized in all the different areas that are needed to get the fulfilled player.


This will achieve three main objectives;

1. Attract and motivate the best players and gives them a vision of how they are improving with our training.

2. Create a source of future funding that allows us to develop what we are doing.

3. It allows us to incorporate the best coaches and players, and consolidates our reputation as leaders in the development of young football players.


If a player is showing great potential we have contacts, both here and abroad, to find a professional team to adopt him.


Strengths of the Franchise



We help you market and manage your franchise to ensure your success.


Brand franchise

You can use our brand, already recognized worldwide, and will be part of a large group dedicated to the world of football.



From our Marketing departments we will advise and help you to publicize your Franchise throughout your region with direct actions.


Organization and consultation

We are confident that the experience acquired by all the organizations that have combined to form SFA franchises will be able to give the best advice and assistance possible as your business develops. The best thing about a franchise, is the interest of both the franchisee and franchisor, to make a success of it and we are totally committed to make this happen.



We have had many years of relationships with national federations, governments and national authorities, professional football clubs, football fans, schools, investors, sponsors and many more. As part of the SFA franchise, you will be given all the support you need in building these important relationships.


Business Plan Franchise
It is essential that each franchise produces a business plan and we provide a template for this. The franchisees should not worry about this, because we have a standard procedure with all the assistance provided in their production and if necessary, we can recommend the services of an excellent collaborator.


1. Executive Summary

2. Company description

- Introduction

- Actual position

- Competitive advantage

- Growth plan

3. Business strategy

- Tactics

- Strategic issues

- Core values

4. Marketing

- SWOT and critical success factors

- Market search

- Distribution channels

- Strategic alliances

- "Online" commerce and technologies

- Tactical promotion plan

- Marketing budget

- Risk reduction and credibility

5. Management structure and equipment

Skills, experience, training and retention


Management systems

6. Financial budgets and forecasts franchise
Profit and loss forecast
Cash flow forecast the franchise
Forecast of the balance sheet
Capital expenditure budget
Equilibrium point analysis




SFA will organize regular training camps at a central location where the franchisees are expected to attend, and where all the coaches working within the franchise will be invited. The objective of these training camps is to discuss as a group the way to follow, exchange ideas with other franchisees and share time with one of our best Spanish coaches to learn new techniques and skills.


SFA will make available to all the franchises of the organization the new training camps with coaches from the best Spanish clubs. These will be at the expense of the franchises, which can be used to generate more revenue and hire new trainers for the franchise.






Any coach in charge of a session will be qualified by the FA, surpassing the Child Protection Controls and the first aid qualifications. In each session, there will be a first aid bag, an accident report book and a record of all attendees. Random controls will be carried out to ensure compliance.


The SFA Child Protection Policy will be printed, read and signed by all coaches.



Each coach and organization needs to be insured (Public Liability for Franchise and Coach Insurance). We can provide the best advice in the search for the best insurance for your needs.


Player Representation

We can provide excellent representation through the best agents to ensure that, if you are responsible for the development of a player, we won’t ignore financial support. This may take the form of an Exploration Contract agreed upon with a professional academy or a Representation Contract if the player is seeking to sign professional contracts.


Legal Advice

We have our own team of lawyers, and sports lawyers, who can help with any legal issue, but we recommend that franchisees seek independent legal advice before entering any franchise.

Download dossier SFA World Wide