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Campus de Verano

Campus de Verano

SFA organiza campus de verano en varias ciudades de Rusia y ofrece a los jóvenes aficionados al fútbol una oportunidad de iniciar un curso de formación de acuerdo con las técnicas modernas y aprender a jugar al fútbol profesional.

El campus de verano de SFA ofrece ventajas a los jóvenes futbolistas. Alojamiento confortable y todos los equipamientos deportivos necesarios.

El programa SFA incluye un conjunto de medidas orientadas al desarrollo integral de los niños. Entrenamientos de fútbol están disponibles tanto para niños como para niñas.


Летние сборы SFA Летние сборы SFA
Летние сборы SFA Летние сборы SFA
Летние сборы SFA Летние сборы SFA
Летние сборы SFA Летние сборы SFA


Standard programs
Program Period The amount in rubles
With accommodation from 24 July to 30 July (7 days \ 6 nights) 50 000
With accommodation from 24 July to 30 July (7 days \ 6 nights) 50 000
With accommodation from 24 July to 6 August (14 days \ 13 nights) 90 000
Without accommodation from 25 July to 29 July (5 days) 30 000
Without accommodation from August 1 to August 5 (5 days) 30 000
Without accommodation from 25 July to 5 August (10 days) 50 000


The summer football camps are finished. The new set of participants will start in January 2017.




The team of teachers

Sport Categories: Coaches are the licensed professionals of the Football Federation of Spain the RFEF, the graduates of the faculty of physical culture and sports education, technical trainers, and support staff.

Educational disciplines: teachers, tutors and group leaders.



Food is controlled by nutritionist, especially to ensure that each meal meets the needs of each participant and meets the requirements and high quality.

Breakfast: includes drinks such as fruit juices, milk-based products and carbohydrates.

The break between workouts is for snack.

Lunch: first and second plates, dessert, bread and water.

Lunch and mid-afternoon snack: drink, sandwich or fruit.

Dinner: main plate, dessert, bread and water.

(For day camp participants breakfast and dinner are not included)


What measures are provided for the participants?

The main idea of your camps is comprehensive, social education through sports, entertainment and education that promote coexistence skills, personal and social development.



The program is aimed to comprehensive trainings of participants and consists four main blocks:

Technical and tactical part, which includes a work plan designed so that participants can develop all their skills a dynamic and balanced manner.

The physical development and motor skills aimed at promoting the importance of physical perfection and its impact on success.

Teaching values by using the most effective learning process to become not only the athletes, but also, above all, people.

The technical staff of the Span Football Academy controls the sports program

Training sessions in the Spain Football Academy is

Academy is: 90 minute training in the morning and 60 minute training in the evening


The content of the training given below:

Technique: individual and collective.

Tactics: strategy.

Different shots: standard, straight, inside, ship, bending, outside, header, toe and free kicks.

Control of the ball using the outside of your foot, chest, thigh and head.

Skills of playing with both feet. Dribbling.

Shots of target/goals

Skills of combination movements - passes, centers, kicks...

Dribbling, fake and feints dribble technique and shots on goal.



Thus, children will develop values, following the time sequence of the band's life. Since the inception of the Group - Individual values (I) passing through the self with the values of the group, of the group or team (WE), a maturation stage - the values associated with the relationship with the other (they).

The values of "I": leadership, self-control and effort.

Values of "WE": partnership, teamwork and participation.

Values of "them": respect for others, tolerance and solidarity.


HOW WE DO IT? METHODOLOGY participation in the group.



Group experience is the main instrument for the transmission of values. From experience and through it, the participants will discover some of the values that our coaches will pass through Spain in training and games. This methodology of participation in a group can be reduced to three concepts:

Motivation: to make sure that the participants want to learn and develop.

Education: to explain the concept of the values they have learned.

Practice: to practice what they have learned.

Each concept will be applied with greater intensity, in accordance with the country and the time in which to create the group.


Types of learning activities:



Large-scale, diverse and exciting activities for boys and girls to have fun.


TEAM EVENT - to practice

This is the period of being in a group, where we could learn from the group as well as teach them, and understand better ourselves. With the additional material we will think about the value of each day, connecting it with the sport and about our experience at the training camp.


ENTERTAINMENT - to motivate

They are a number of activities for entertainment players. They will not be mandatory, if you want you can always join them with other teammates.



For further information, please contacts: 8 499 391 66 32, 8 929 591 66 32 or on the website.

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