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We believe we have put together a comprehensive package for any franchisee, maximizing the potential for growth and income generation and through SFA we can do exactly this. If you want Ronaldinho (FC Barcelona Ambassador) or Thiago Alcantara (Bayern Munich) for example, for one of your events and have the budget, we can get them. If you want FC Barcelona or Real Madrid (including First Teams) to come over and you have the budget, we can make that happen too.




There is a culture at some professional football academies of selecting players purely for certain attributes

such as pace, physique or height not to mention whether or not your father knows someone at the club and these considerations often override a player’s technical abilities. Players are taken on at a very young age (often from aged 5), put under a lot of pressure and expected to do what’s best for the team rather than their own personal development. As a result, many talented players are released from academies and effectively written-off at this level when they are as young as 6 or 7.

An opportunity therefore exists to bring together players who for whatever reason have been overlooked or released by professional academies, who believe sometimes as young as 9 or 10 years old, that the chance of a career as a professional footballer has passed them by, but given the opportunity and incentive, still have the ability and desire to make it in the game.

With such a group of players, working for a common goal and given training tailored to their specific needs in an environment where they are challenged to try and develop new skills, to work outside of their own comfort zones and to be allowed to make mistakes without fear of recrimination, players given by us, renewed belief and hunger for success coupled with our contacts at pro clubs we can indeed do great things.

If in addition we can give them a chance to shine at the highest level from a comparatively young age, we will increase motivation, self-belief and team-spirit, provide a shop window for these players to be seen and enhance our own reputation for producing high quality players. Through SFA we have excellent opportunities for young players in the Spanish National Leagues and through the Spanish Youth Development set-up.



Training needs to focus on all of the “four corners of long-term player development”, technical, physical, physiological and social.



Skills-based training in a fun, high-tempo environment. If a player has a weakness then it should be worked on rather than worked around. Players should be well-rounded in their technical ability, two footed, good in the air, excellent first touch, agile and with many other attributes. Players should not be pigeon-holed in one position from a young age as they all develop in different ways, they should learn how to play anywhere on the pitch and slowly hone their skills into the type of player they are most suited to being.



With the emphasis on football-specific physical training we can bring out the athlete in each player. It must also be acknowledged that some players will always have a slighter build than others but with the correct training on areas such as core and lateral strength this should not be a hindrance. Indeed, view this can be a positive as many of these slighter or smaller players, though skilful, from our point of view this can be a positive as many of these slighter or smaller players, though skilful, may well have been overlooked by academies but given the correct training and diet they may still have what it takes. The game of football has always been dominated by the likes of Pele and Messi (not tall) and Maradona (short and one of the most one-footed players you will ever see). Attention should also be paid to those born later in the school year as though they will appear slight, they will still develop, albeit a few months behind the older players.



This is the more daunting subject for a coach to deal with and is often overlooked in the four corners and replaced by psychology as this is a much easier subject to get a grip of. However, by merely focusing on psychology we overlook areas such as the neurological system including balance and muscular coordination. As well as working with a young player’s mentality we also need to focus on how the muscles work together. By improving balance and the development of fast-twitch muscles we can give players an edge not given in most training.



It is important that players have qualities such as humility, honesty and a strong work ethic but when a coach only has a player for a few hours a week the parents need to feel to feel a part of the development process. In the typical professional academy parents are put to one side and not told much at all, meaning when the player is at home the development can be forgotten. By keeping parents informed and involved by regular meetings with coaches, dieticians, fitness coaches etc. the process of player development becomes a lifestyle rather than simply a couple of hours a week with a coach.

Additionally then of course, and most importantly...



It should always be remembered that the aim of our program is to produce Footballers through SFA and as such we need to include a strong element of Football training in order to be taken seriously. On SFA we have focused on Football Skills training from a young age in separate training sessions and with the proliferation of Junior Football teams most players are getting plenty of competitive football so we find no need to set-up football teams. As we develop the squads though we work with them outdoors on Football training, often bringing in specialist coaches to work with the teams and individuals.



We need to provide well rounded, bespoke training and not a one-size-fits-all regime. Training should be intense but fun and varied with coaches specializing in all the different areas it takes to make-up the complete player.
Players should be selected through trials run across the regions with selected players training at development centres across each region with the best players and coaches from each of these centres brought in to one central location If we are to ask young players to go that extra yard in training, to be able to cope with the pressure of a competitive environment, to learn to work as part of a team and to give them a sense of achievement and belonging, we need to give them a common focus for all their efforts. To a large extent this comes from the common goal of wishing to make it as a professional footballer, as too it is our ultimate aim, but what if we could give them something more, an opportunity to perform at National level from a very young age, somewhere where ability counts and not just whether you can push the opposition off the ball, we give them a chance to feel recognised and rewarded for their efforts and we also increase motivation.

We have strong links with professional football academies and agents with a view to eventually placing those good enough at professional Football clubs of whatever level suits the individual player and for us to be able to provide the best possible representation. The players we believe we can work with will be asked to sign contracts to reflect our commitment to them.
This will achieve three main aims;
1. It attracts and motivates the best players and gives them a vision of where our training is leading to..
2. It creates a future funding source to enable us to develop what we are doing.
3. It enables us to bring in the best coaches and players and consolidates our reputation as leaders inthe development of young footballers.
If a player is showing great potential we have the links both here and abroad to find a professional team to suit.


We should not forget though that many players will not have what it takes to become a professional footballer but will still be keen to make a career from football and , we have been and will continue to work closely with the Spanish FA and their Regional FA´s in raising awareness of the availability of other opportunities in coaching and refereeing.
For example, Catalonia FA (where FC Barcelona is based) have the Young Coaches Association where players from aged 14 can join in a variety of coaching courses with a substantial discount on their level 1 badge when they reach 16. This also increases young players understanding of the game enabling them to make better decisions on the pitch.

If we are serious about developing something lasting, it is our opinion that eventually we need to establish our own, purpose-designed training venues. The venues will need to be of competition standard, in a central location. Soccer schools will be run from the venue and taken into the schools and community with the majority of our older players earning a wage from coaching Futsal with us, thus enabling them to train on a daily basis and be in effect semi-professional.
The venue would need considerable investment from the private sector and sponsorship, and SFA can help in search this financial support at worldwide level.







We have a range of merchandising brands we can make available to franchises from the Real Madrid Foundation to FC Barcelona and the Spanish National Team. All franchises will be given access to these products.

Franchises will be granted permission to use all trademarks associated with SFA in accordance with the Franchise Agreement.

The franchise costs include the set-up costs of a website with the SFA identity and any assistance needed in the running and editing of the site will be provided.

It is essential for any modern organization to have a presence on social media such as Facebook and Twitter and we can provide any assistance needed on this front.

We are confident that the experience gained by all the organizations that have combined to form the SFA Franchises will be able to give the best possible advice and assistance as you develop your business. The best thing about a franchise is it is in the interest of both the franchisee and franchisor to make a success of it and we are totally committed to making this happen.
You will be given contact details of all the relevant departments and we pledge to do our very best to act as swiftly as possible to resolve any issues you may have.
All projects we have as part of the franchise are open to you to develop and we consider ourselves to be part of one big family of like-minded people. So please, any issues, just get in touch.
If we don’t know the answer we are pretty sure we know someone who does!

As we all know, all too often it’s who you know, not what you know that counts. We have had many years of building relationships with National FAs and National governments and authorities, professional and amateur Football Clubs, Schools, Investors, Sponsors and many more. As a part of the SFA franchise, you will be given all the back-up you need in building these important relationships.

It is essential that each Franchise produces a business plan and template can be supplied for this. Franchisees should not be daunted by this as we have a standard template with every assistance given in its production and if needed we can recommend the services of an excellent accountant.

1. Executive Summary
2. Business overview
- Introduction
- Current position
- Competitive advantage
- Growth plan
3. Business strategy
- Tactics
- Strategic issues
- Core values
4. Marketing
- SWOT and critical success factors
- Market research
- Distribution channels
- Strategic alliances
- E-commerce and technology
- Tactical promotion plan
- Marketing budget
- Credibility and risk reduction
5. Team and management structure
- Skills, experience, training and retention
- Advisors
- Management systems
6. Financial budgets and forecasts
- Profit and loss forecast
- Cash flow forecast
- Balance sheet forecast
- Capital expenditure budget
- Break-even analysis


SFA will organize regular training camps at a central location where Franchisees are expected to attend and any coaches working within the franchise will be invited. The aim of these training camps is to discuss as a group the way forward in the world, to exchange ideas with other franchisees and to spend some time in the company of one of our top Spanish Coaches to learn new techniques and skills.
SFA will make available to all franchises the organization of further training camps with coaches from top Spanish clubs. Though these will be at the expense of the franchises, they can be used to generate further income and recruit new coaches for the franchise and can be held “at home” in the franchise territory or in Spain depending on the franchise requirements.


Any coach in charge of a session will be at least FA qualified with up to date Child Protection Checks and First Aid qualifications. At every session, there will be a first aid bag, an accident report book and a record of all attendees. Random checks will be carried out to ensure this is adhered to.
The SFA Child Protection Policy will be printed-out, read and signed by all coaches.
Every coach and organization needs Insurance. Public Liability for the Franchise and Coaches Insurance. We can provide the best advice in seeking the best insurance for your needs..
We can provide excellent representation through top Football Agents plus contracts to ensure that if you are responsible for the development of a player, you are not ignored financially. This can take the form of either a Scouting Contract agreed with a professional academy or a Representational Contract if the player is looking to sign professional forms.
We have our own team of Solicitors and Sports lawyers who can help with any legal matters but we recommend Franchisees should seek independent legal advice before entering into any Franchise.



Soccer Music Xperience




SOM X are a global sports company working in many countries at government level and specializing in both sports and music events with a network of contacts at the highest level, all of which can be brought to bear in any major project established by any SFA franchise. Their brands Football 7 Worldwide and Futsal Worldwide are currently developing a number of major projects in Football 7 and Futsal globally. 




Through our relationship with Proneo, we are able to guarantee all SFA franchises access to some of the world’s top Football Coaches and Players. If you want to run an event or a coaches workshop in your region Proneo can provide the Coaches and/or Players you need to make this event a success. 

Proneo are always available to help us maintain our extremely high technical standards. 



We are currently working on the building of 3 “Sports City” projects where we work in conjunction with Pinearq on the construction of purpose-built indoor Futsal arenas and outdoor 7-a-side courts. These projects are currently being developed in the UK, Spain and Africa. We will keep you updated on the progress of all of these projects and any more coming online. 

If you feel there is a strong case for the establishment of such a project in your region then please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss this with you. 



Are our official Merchandising & Sport Goods production company.


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